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Is it OK for a Home AC to Run All Day

Is it OK for a Home AC to Run All Day?

Is it OK for a Home AC to Run All Day Have you noticed that your home AC unit is running all day? You may be wondering if this is OK or if it’s an indicator that your unit is going bad.

Let’s dive into the reasons why your home AC unit might be running all day, ways to minimize your run time, and when it’s time to contact a professional.

What Causes Home AC Units to Run All Day?

There can be various reasons why your home AC unit is running all day, from broken parts to the weather. Here are some common causes:

Blocked Airflow

Blocked airflow might be the underlying issue that’s causing your home AC unit to run all day. It should only take your AC system around 15-20 minutes to cool a room. If you notice it’s taking significantly longer, you might have blocked airflow, causing your system to work harder.

Dirty Condenser

A dirty condenser or evaporator coil can make it difficult for refrigerant to absorb heat from the air. This results in less cool air flowing through, leading to longer run times to reach your desired temperature.

Bad Thermostat Settings

If you keep your thermostat on all day, your Air Conditioning unit might stay running. Change your thermostat to “auto,” which only runs your AC until the desired temperature is reached.

Low Refrigerant

Low refrigerant can also cause cooling issues. If you hear a bubbling or hissing noise or feel hot air coming out of your vents, it might be time to call in an expert.

Hot Weather

Depending on the region you live in, your AC unit might be working harder. It’s much more difficult to keep a cool house when it’s 90 degrees outside compared to 60 degrees.

Minimizing Your Run Time

Is it OK for a Home AC to Run All DayThe good news is that there are ways you can minimize your run time, including:

Set a Reasonable Temperature

If it’s a blistering 100 degrees outside, you shouldn’t try to cool your house to 40 degrees. Setting a reasonable temperature helps your home AC unit run for shorter periods of time. Of course, this can be hard depending on where you live. Expect your house to be a little warmer during those hot summer days.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Regular air conditioning maintenance can also help you minimize your run times. Having an AC tune-up and regularly checking the cleanliness can help you avoid running out of refrigerant and experiencing blocked airflow. It’s best to get this work done by a professional that can spot any issues to increase the longevity of your home unit.


Although it’s not uncommon for your home AC unit to run all day, many homeowners want to minimize the run time to decrease their utility bills. Whether you need regular maintenance or are considering upgrading your unit, contact our qualified team at 365 Mechanical.

We can brainstorm ways to get your home AC unit running more efficiently. Reach out to a team member today to learn more.

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