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Is It Normal for an AC to Run All Day in Arizona

Is It Normal for an AC to Run All Day in Arizona?

Is It Normal for an AC to Run All Day in Arizona The Arizona weather can bring some hot temperatures in the summer. It is normal for your air conditioning unit to run longer than usual compared to other times of the year. As your AC unit tries to keep your home at a set temperature, it will keep running until it reaches those temps. However, with temperatures usually rising into the 100s, your cooling unit may begin to see problems. One of those issues can include the air conditioner running all day. Is this normal? Let’s delve more into this question to find answers.

Normal Operations for an Air Conditioner

Although it is normal for an AC unit to run longer than usual in Phoenix, Arizona, during the summer months, it is not normal for it to run all day. Your HVAC or air conditioning unit should turn off from time to time. Ideally, you want to set your thermostat anywhere between 75- and 77-degrees Fahrenheit during the day. If you find your AC unit running continuously throughout the day, there could be something wrong with it. It is essential to repair any issues before the system completely breaks down on you. Make sure to contact a qualified technician for all your HVAC services.

What Causes the Cooling Unit to Run Continuously?

Is It Normal for an AC to Run All Day in ArizonaOf course, the best thing to do is to have a trained technician look at your cooling system. The first thing that could be causing the unit to run all day without shutting off is a leak in the refrigerant line. You may notice a couple of things, such as warmer or stale air coming out of the vents. Your electric bills could also be rising as a result of your air conditioner trying to keep your home cool. Timely AC repairs in Phoenix Arizona can help prevent further breakdowns in the system.

Maintenance Makes a Difference

AC maintenance Phoenix can help prevent a buildup of dirt and debris. Any type of obstruction somewhere along the ducts or air filter can cause your HVAC or air conditioning unit to run all day. It is a good idea to replace the air filter once every month or once every three months, which will depend on the unit’s model. Make sure to call a technician to calibrate your thermostat for accurate readings. Finally, the coil system also plays an important role in keeping your home cool. If the coils are frozen over with clogged debris, the unit will stop blowing cool air altogether, causing the AC to run continuously. The best thing that you can do as a homeowner is to call an experienced technician to inspect the air conditioning system. By doing this, you can ensure optimal performance from your cooling unit throughout the entire summer season.

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