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Does Adjusting The Thermostat Up Or Down Really Save Money?

Thermostats are basic temperature controllers that instruct your heating or cooling system when to switch on or off once your living space approaches a set temperature. You can eventually save some money on your air conditioning costs by simply adjusting your thermostat. How true is the statement above, well, we’re about to find out.

With the arrival of colder seasons in Phoenix, AZ, comes a higher heating bill, prompting several homeowners to think to themselves, “Does adjusting the thermostat up or down really save money?” well, you’d be glad to know that this is a common assumption: lowering the thermostat is present on any list on “how to save money on electricity bill” you’ll find on Google. With all that being said, is this cost-cutting measure, however, truly worthwhile? Let’s take a look.

The fact of the matter is that lowering your thermostat to save money actually helps you cut down cost on your overall heating expense. What percentage of your income do you save? Well, this is dependent on how low you are prepared to go. If you decrease your thermostat by 10 to 15 degrees for an eight-hour period, the US Department of Energy estimates that you’ll save between 5 and 15% on your electricity bill. Now, if you feel eight hours might seema bit excessive, when you really stop to think about it, it really isn’t all that much.

How much cash can you save by turning down the heat? Let’s assume your monthly electricity bill is around $300. To be logical, we’ll choose a 5% savings rate in this case. If you reduced your thermostat by 8-10 degrees for eight hours, you’d save $15 per month. That would amount to $180 over the course of a year.

All through the cold season, how relatively low the interior temperature is, is a determinant of the rate of heat loss. As a result, the longer your residence is kept at a cooler temperature, the more power you save because your home has lost less energy than it would have if it were kept at a warmer temperature. In the summer time in Phoenix, Arizona, the same principle applies: a warmer interior temperature slows the passage of heat into your home, improving energy efficiency on air conditioning.

So, back to the main subject, does adjusting the thermostat up or down really save money? In the end, it all ultimately comes down to how much cold you’re willing to accommodate in your home, and how much money you’ll save by simply lowering your thermostat. If you’re prepared to put up with a few additional layers of protective clothing over the winter, you might be able to save up a reasonable amount.

If you need more information on the subject, or on any other HVAC-related services within Phoenix, Arizona, give us a call. We’re here for you!

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