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One of the fundamental laws of air conditioning industry states that heat moves from hot to cold. That being said, it's crucial that your home is properly sealed/insulated. Moisture and hot air can leak into your home though poorly insulated walls and attic and caused that your AC runs continuously or more than it should. Needless to say that you will end up paying high electric bill every month. Don’t get stuck in a drafty home, test your doors and window to find any sources of leaks. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to check your home for leaks. 

Test your Home:

  • Have licensed contractor perform an energy audit of your home using IR cameras to pin point source(s) of your problem.
  • Add additional insulation in your attic as needed, this will prevent the cool air from escaping your home. 
  • Replace any single-pane windows with double-pane windows to avoid unnecessary leakage.

DIY tips:

Give your windows a little shake. If they rattle or make odd noises, you’ve got a problem & need to have the frame repaired.

Check the corners of your windows and doors for gaps or cracks. If you can see light from other side — you’ve got gaps. You can seal the leaks by caulking and placing weather stripping around frames.

Check all the doors in your home for cracks that weaken their ability to stop air leaks and water seeps.

Inspect all weather stripping for peeling, cracks, or gaps - replace if damaged.

Make sure all hinges are tight and your doors fit securely into place. Tighten and/or adjust if needed.

If you have any questions or need a second opinion, contact us today! 

How to Check Your Home for Leaks!